When is a good time to Switch Electricity and Gas Providers in Ireland?

When is a good time to Switch Electricity and Gas Providers in Ireland?

Date Published 04 April 2023

Is it time to switch electricity and gas providers? Here is a guide on when to switch electricity and gas providers in Ireland!

When Prices Go Up

Are you concerned about the rising costs of utilities for your home? There may be a way to save on energy costs without compromising on other areas of your lifestyle. Perhaps it’s time to shop around for a new electricity and gas supplier.

When Switching Because of Life Events

The one constant thing about life is change. Life changes may necessitate a change in your energy deal. Moving house is the most common catalyst for a change like this because your energy usage is likely to change unless you are moving to an identical home. Your existing supplier may not be the optimal choice for your new neighbourhood. Notify your current energy supplier a minimum of 48 hours before your move and take a metre reading on the day you move to ensure accuracy on your last bill.

Perhaps you suddenly find yourself in an empty nest once your children have left home. Naturally, the fewer inhabitants in your home, the lower the electricity and gas consumption will be. This is the ideal time to shop around for a better deal.

Check that you will not pay a penalty for cancelling your current contract. Sometimes, the penalty may invalidate future savings.

When is the Best Time of Year to Switch My Energy Deal?

The best time of year to switch energy deals is in the autumn, before the colder winter months start around October. When it gets colder and darker sooner, your lights and gas usage will increase. Heating uses a lot of energy. Switching before the winter spike in usage is a good idea. You will see the benefits almost immediately.

Try not to change at a time when you would have to pay early exit fees or penalties and take note of the amount of time it takes to switch suppliers. The process can take as long as a month to complete.

How Should I Switch My Energy Deal?

You can exercise your power as a consumer and ‘vote with your wallet’ by looking for the best prices on offer. Compare prices between energy suppliers and you will see that you can save yourself a lot of money on household energy by switching service providers.

Take note that there is a 14-day cooling off period when you switch suppliers, so you have two weeks to change your mind without paying a penalty thanks to The Consumer Rights Act. Do not rush into anything; take your time, be aware of your rights as a consumer and make the best choice for yourself. Remember to read those terms and conditions.

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