A How to Guide on how to Set up Utilities in Your New Home

A How to Guide on how to Set up Utilities in Your New Home

Date Published 12 July 2022

You are going to enjoy your new home very much but you will need the utilities set up first. People move for different reasons. Maybe you were promoted and are starting your dream job. Has the working-from-home option motivated you to move to the countryside? Or are you moving closer to family?

Whatever the reason for moving, the utilities must be switched, or a new account opened if you are living on your own for the first time. Property Button works with all the leading utilities providers, and if you prefer not to use online services, we can call you and set everything up over the phone.

So, what are utilities? What types of utilities are there, how do you set them up, and where will you find the service providers? Use our how to guide and easily set up utilities in your new home.

What are Utilities?

Did you just switch on the kettle for a cup of tea? Then you used a utility, electricity. Utilities are those services that make your life easier and more comfortable. They light up your home at night and provide you with hours of relaxation. Some deem mobile phone services, broadband, television (TV) and landline phones to be a utility, after all, what would we do without them today? Generally, however, utilities in Ireland are electricity, gas and waste services.

Tip: Always keep your most recent utility bill as you might need it as proof of residence.

Types of Utilities

As mentioned, the standard types of utilities are waste, gas, and electricity. Electricity in Ireland is distributed by the Electrical Supply Board (ESB) but supplied by various service providers. Chances are that if you move to a flat, you will have a pre-pay/pay-as-you-go (PAYG) electricity service.

Household rubbish removal/waste removal varies from area to area, generally provided by a private contractor. Always do a price comparison between all the service providers and select the one that is best for you. Consider recycling rather than sending all waste to the landfill.

Tip: Keep a note with your 11-digit Electricity Supply Board (ESB) supplied Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) on the fridge or notice board. It identifies your property’s unique connection.

How to Set Up Utilities

Are you wondering how to set up the utilities for your new home? It’s simple, use Property Button to source comparative plans that fit your needs and budget. Our service is free, there are no sneaky clauses, and your services can be set up within 24 hours.

As soon as you know your move date, contact us online. We will check what electricity, gas, broadband, TV, phone, and waste services are available at your new address. Then we will recommend the best options for you to choose and tailor billing plans to you. We go out of our way to help our clients, and we are proud of the 150,000 successful moves we managed.

How to Find Service Providers

When you want to compare utilities in Ireland, and find the service providers for your new neighbourhood, laook no further than Property Button.

We work with all the leading utilities companies in Ireland, including Electric Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy, Panda, Vodafone, and hundreds more. If you are committed to living in an environmentally conscious way, we also work with SSE Airtricity.

Safety tip: When you smell gas, don’t use the phone in the immediate area of the leak, call from outside.

Property Button is a digital service for homeowners, renters, and property professionals. We set up your electricity, gas, phone, TV, broadband and waste with the touch of a button. When you use Property Button, your data is protected, and we save you time. Are you worried about moving home? Let Property Button manage the utilities for you. Contact us today.