Frequently Asked Questions

  Getting Started

Quite simply because it’s far easier and much quicker than dealing with all the utilities directly. There is no cost for using the service. And it is also way more reliable. (Did we mention the 98% satisfaction rating!)

Because we make sure the switch from the landlord’s name to the tenant’s is done on time, it’s fair to both landlord and tenant – the landlord doesn’t end up paying after the tenant has moved in, just because the switch didn’t go through when it should.
It works really well – as our 98% satisfaction rating proves!

We find out what electricity, gas, broadband, phone, TV and waste services are available at the new address and select the best options for the client’s needs and their budget. They log in to their portal on our platform, click on the options we’ve recommended for them, and they are set up in minutes.

And if they can’t or prefer not to do it online, we call them and help set it up there and then for them over the phone.
Anyone who is a residential tenant or property owner who wants to set up new utility arrangements really easily – electricity, gas, waste, TV, phone, broadband etc.

Property professionals who manage residential properties and want a frictionless, streamlined utility switching process – as well as a positive move-in experience for their customers. This includes letting agencies, landlords, developers, county councils, housing associations and property portals.

Note that we do not currently work on commercial properties.
It costs nothing at all. We are paid a commission for introducing new customers by the utility companies so there is no charge whatsoever to the tenant, property owner or property service professional.
That’s completely optional. Tenants or landlords can opt in to service offers with contracts. But we also provide service offers with no contract and no exit fees. However, the utilities normally offer bigger discounts for contracts so going on contract usually means better value for the customer.
It is completely secure. All data and information are securely encrypted, stored in the EU and fully compliant with all the data protection legislation in both Ireland and the UK. Property Button is a registered Data Controller in both the UK and Ireland under the relevant Data Protection Acts.