Move Your Utilities With a Single Service

When you move homes, your furniture and personal belongings are not the only things you need to move. All of your utility accounts need to be switched as well. In the past, this has been known to add a considerable administrative burden to the already stressful relocation process. Property Button is an all-in-one solution to this problem. Now, it takes just a few clicks to move all of your household utilities.

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Property Button Utility Switching

How To Move Utilities With Property Button

As a buyer or renter, all you have to do is get your Property Button login details from us.

You can then create a password and gain access to your personal dashboard. Here, you will find a list of tailored utility service options that we have put together for you, based on your new address and your budget and other preferences. These utility options include:

  • Energy: Electricity and gas
  • Waste
  • Television
  • Broadband
  • Phone

Select the utility options that suit you best, and we will go to work setting them up for you. It is that simple – the entire process is completed in about 24 hours.

Why Choose Property Button?

Property Button takes on all the administrative tasks involved with moving to a new home. You can carry on with other matters and leave it to us. We make the process easy and fast, and you never have to concern yourself with dealing directly with any of the service providers.

We earn a commission on each new customer we bring to the utility companies, and so we do not charge our users any fees. Switching and managing your utilities has never been this simple, quick or flexible.

The benefits of Property Button include:

  • Strict data safety: We keep all of your personal information safe and secure, in line with EU data security laws.
  • No charges: Property Button is absolutely free to users. You will pay nothing for using the service.
  • No fine print: You won’t have to worry about exit penalties or other sneaky clauses.
  • Flexibility: Your billing plans are tailored to your needs, budget and lifestyle.
  • Easy to use: Property Button is fast, efficient and easy to use. Your new accounts will be set up within 24 hours.

Property Button is a home moving site that is the easiest way to switch your utilities, with all your essential household services made accessible from a single platform. We have worked with 500 of Ireland’s leading property professionals and managed over 150,000 successful moves. We provide a free service and are fully compliant and secure. We pick plans that suit you and save you from having to sit through several long calls with your service providers. If you need to move utilities, the task has never been easier. Start the process with Property Button today.

We work with all the leading utilities

We search thousands of plans from all the utilities available at your new home to find the best for your needs and budget

Property Button Utility Switching

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To date, we have worked with over 500 of Ireland’s leading property professionals and managed more than 150,000 successful moves, ensuring that people have the best electricity, gas, phone, broadband and waste services for their needs.

Property Button Utility Switching
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