Switching TV & Broadband Services in Ireland

Moving should be an exciting experience, but there are so many tasks and chores involved that it becomes stressful. Aside from packing up and moving your belongings, you also need to make arrangements to move or set up your utilities and television services. Property Button is a home moving service that makes it easier than ever to manage these tasks. Simply by setting up an online account, you can arrange to switching TV and broadband services anywhere in Ireland. Your favourite satellite platforms will all be set up and ready to go once you get to your new home.

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Property Button Utility Switching

Switch Your TV Services With Ease

Ireland’s TV services allow consumers to move their services to a new address, provided the service in question is available in the destination area. However, making these switches through Property Button is much easier and quicker than working through the individual service providers.

To begin with, your details will be uploaded to Property Button portal once you have finalised the purchase or rental agreement on a new home. We will then check what TV services are available at your new location and send you a welcome email. The email contains a link that you can click on to access our platform and see the options we have lined up for you. Merely by clicking on the links of your choice, you can activate the set-up of new accounts with Virgin Media, Vodafone TV, Eir and others. When you arrive at your new home, your TV services will be ready to go.

The Quickest Way To Set Up Your TV Service When Moving

Property Button is a far quicker and easier option than dealing with the TV service providers directly. It is also free of charge and is more reliable. Because we do the set-up in a timely way, we can ensure that the relevant accounts are registered in the correct names before you arrive at the new premises. This means that there will be no billing errors, and you can start using your TV services immediately.

Property Button is also completely secure. All data and information are securely encrypted, stored in the EU and fully compliant with all the data protection legislation in Ireland. Property Button is a registered Data Controller in Ireland under the relevant Data Protection Acts.

To date, Property Button has worked with 500 of Ireland’s leading property professionals and managed over 150,000 successful moves. We provide a free service, and are compliant and secure. We pick plans that suit you and save you from having to sit through several long calls with your services providers. If you need to move your TV services in Ireland, start the process with Property Button today.

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Property Button Utility Switching

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To date, we have worked with over 500 of Ireland’s leading property professionals and managed more than 150,000 successful moves, ensuring that people have the best electricity, gas, phone, broadband and waste services for their needs.

Property Button Utility Switching
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