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Moving home should be such an exciting experience – new opportunities, big plans, places to explore, new friends to make.

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Property Button Utility Switching

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There’s a reason so many people switch with us.

Property Button Utility Switching


Our fully digital service is the most innovative in the market and we aim to keep it that way by continuing to innovate

Property Button Utility Switching


We go out of our way to help our clients – if that means doing everything for them by phone instead of online, we’re good with that

Property Button Utility Switching


By operating to the highest professional standards, we provide the best service possible and deliver on our promise of home-moving made easy

We respect our clients, our partners, our staff and we respect all the rules and regulations


We respect our clients, our partners, our staff and we respect all the rules and regulations


Our story

At Property Button, we do all the stuff which for most people is a chore. We find out what utility services are available at their new address and select the best options for their needs and their budget. And we manage the entire process so that, after just a single call or web sign up, everything is connected and working properly on a moving day.

As well as helping tenants and new owners, we also make life easier for letting agencies, landlords, developers, county councils and property portals. Our suite of proprietary apps and software, streamlines the administration process and organise viewings of properties – all the while ensuring GDPR compliance.

We are privately-owned and have been in business for over 9 years. In that time, we have successfully managed more than 150,000 house moves and have a 98% customer satisfaction rate – We are working on the 2%!

We search every utility and plan in your area

We work with all the leading utilities and search through thousands of plans available at your new home to find the best for your needs and budget

Property Button Utility Switching

Join Us

We’re building an amazing team

We make moving jobs to Property Button as easy as we make moving home, with a similarly streamlined and efficient process.

Send us your CV along with a covering letter explaining why you believe you are right for us and why we are right for you. We understand that’s a challenge because we don’t know each other yet – we just want to get a sense of how you approach the challenge.
We review your CV and covering letter and if we feel it would be good to get to the next stage, we’ll contact you. If we’re not going to take it further, we will also let you know – and we promise to do so without delay.
The next step is for us to meet, either in person or via Google Hangout. This will be a two-way conversation: we want to learn more about you, and you’ll want to learn more about us. It will take an hour at most and will be relaxed and informal. What we’ll want to get from it is a good understanding about your aptitude and experience, whether we think you’ll be a good ‘fit’ for our culture, and how well we think the role would suit you. What we’ll want you to get from it is a really good understanding of our company and culture, the role itself and opportunities for progression. We will also encourage you to ask as many questions as you like.

Any questions:

If you have any questions right now, please contact us: support@propertybutton.ie