Frequently Asked Questions


EAB means the Estimated Annual Bill. It is a way for customers to be able to compare and contrast tariffs between electricity suppliers. It is designed based on the CRU’s (Customer Regulatory Organisation of Ireland) typical annual consumption figures for electricity. This is 5,300 kWh of electricity per annum. This is used as a guideline for the customer.
No – the debt remains with the person who was named on the account, not the property. It is up to the utility to chase that with the previous account holder.

If there is an outstanding debt, all you need is proof of ownership to establish that the new tenant or landlord was not responsible for it prior to their registration.
Estimated readings can mean that the previous tenant or the landlord gets an incorrect closing bill. We always advise that you take a photo of the meter reading when there is a change of tenancy and upload the readings within 2 or 3 days.
Electricity and gas meter readings are valid for 3 days only. If the reading is older than 3 days, the account may be set up based on estimates, which could mean the previous account holder gets an incorrect closing bill or that the utility rejects the switch because the reading is incorrect.
That’s completely optional. Tenants or landlords can opt in to service offers with contracts. But we also provide service offers with no contract and no exit fees. However, the utilities normally offer bigger discounts for contracts so going on contract usually means better value for the customer.
On electricity meters, the serial number is usually on the front, next to a barcode.

On gas meters, the serial number is usually on the front. On modern meters, it will be next to a barcode, but older meters might not have a barcode.
That’s the Gas Point Reference Number which is a 7-digit number that is the unique identifier of your connection to the gas network. GPRNs are shown on gas bills.
It stands for Meter Point Reference Number and is an 11-digit number that is the unique identifier of your connection to the electricity network. MPRNs are shown on electricity bills.