How to Change Your Utilities’ Address Before You Move

How to Change Your Utilities’ Address Before You Move

Date Published 06 December 2022

Moving into a new home or apartment is exciting but also stressful. One thing that can really add stress to the move is having to change your utilities’ address on all bills that are linked to your home address, which includes gas, electricity, broadband, television, and waste removal.

It’s essential to update your utility information before moving out. This ensures that your bills get sent to the correct location. If you don’t, you might miss payments or incur late fees.

Follow these steps to make sure you don’t miss any important providers:

Verify the Address

First, verify your new address with your landlord or real estate agent. Make sure the address is correct, and double-check the spelling of the street and town name. If moving into a new development, be sure the developer hasn’t changed the street names.

You can ask for old utility bills from the previous residents to check for spelling. You can get confirmation of address by using Google Maps, which relies on whether or not your location has been entered into Google’s database.

Checklist of Who to Tell

Here is an utilities’ address checklist of people, companies, and services you’ll need to notify of your change of address:

  • Your employer, friends, and family

  • Utility companies, such as energy providers, broadband, phone, and TV or a waste removal company.

  • Your insurance provider, including health insurance, life insurance, and home and car insurance, etc.

  • Your bank and related financial institutions, like credit card companies

  • Any schools and universities, if applicable

  • Any postal subscriptions and other services, such as accountant

It makes things less complicated when you alert as many people as possible about your move. Bills won’t be forgotten or missed. You will receive mail and invitations. Family and friends can find you. Even the chance of identity theft decreases when you update your address.

Always remember to notify the above-mentioned parties a few weeks in advance before you actually move to ensure timely changes and less confusion.

Change Utilities’ Address on Your Driving Licence

The easiest way to change your driver’s license address is to go online here and update your details there. You will need your public services card and a verified MyGovID, proof of residence not older than 6 months to verify that this is where you live, such as a contract or a utility bill with your name on it.

Make Use of a Company to Change It for You

Property Button in Ireland helps move your utilities for you. This can benefit you by saving you time and hassle. Instead of having to individually contact each utility company and update your address information when you move, Property Button can handle it all for you. This means you can focus on other aspects of moving, such as packing and settling into your new home, while we take care of the administrative tasks.

Contact us today to speak to a member of our expert team; we’d love to help. Check out Property Button’s website if you want to learn more about how we work or want to find out more about changing your utilities’ address.