Things To Consider When Switching a Gas Supplier in Ireland

Things To Consider When Switching a Gas Supplier in Ireland

Date Published 09 August 2022

Gas supply in Ireland is privatised, giving you a few options when changing your gas supplier. Natural gas is very convenient for central heating and, as you know, cooks food faster than electricity. There are also safety considerations around the use of gas in the home.

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI), responsible for operating and maintaining the gas network in the country, offers advice on gas safety in the home.

  • When you smell gas, contact Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) immediately and do not assume somebody else reported it already

  • Turn off all gas appliances

  • Open all windows and doors

  • Don’t use the phone in the immediate area of the leak. Call from outside or go to the neighbours.

Changing a gas supplier should not only be about price. There are many factors to consider when choosing a new service provider, and we discuss some of them.

Customer Service

As a customer, you have the right to the best service possible. Before moving to a new gas supplier, find out how they treat their customers. Citizens Information provides basic guidelines for consumers on the codes of practices gas service providers must follow, understanding your rights, and what to do if you struggle to pay your bill.

Social media is a convenient source of information for customers’ experiences with a specific gas service provider. It is also practical to ask friends, neighbours, and even people at work about their gas supplier. Another credible source is the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) Customer Care Team Annual Report, which highlights complaints per gas and electricity supplier.

Single or Dual Fuel

Do you know what single or dual fuel means? Single fuel allows you to sign up with seperate gas or electricity suppliers. With dual fuel, a consumer will get electricity and gas from the same supplier, making it very convenient if you don’t like managing too many bills. When you switch electricity or gas, use a utility switching service such as Property Button to compare the rates of dual fuel and single fuel gas providers in your area.

Each Supplier’s Online Capabilities

According to research, 92% of households in Ireland own a computer with access to the internet and gas suppliers are expected to provide quality online services to customers. When choosing a new gas provider, review the services they offer online. You should have access to your account, online bills, and information about their various services. Find out how efficient their offline services are as well; in case you have a problem and cannot connect with them digitally.

Fixed vs No Discount On Tariff

Standard gas rates might increase or decrease depending on the market. All suppliers have a standard rate for residential meters but when you enter into a contract, you get a fixed percentage discount off the standard rate.