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Moving home is stressful enough without having to worry about tasks such as switching energy providers. It can involve long service calls, waiting periods and a great deal of uncertainty. You don’t need any of that when you are also focusing on packing up and moving. If you are moving electricity and gas accounts in Ireland, it would be ideal to have a simple, one-click solution that enables you to hand the entire process over. You can handle all the other aspects of your move, knowing that your electricity and gas service is taken care of.

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Property Button Utility Switching

How Does Property Button Work?

Property Button is a service that enables you to switch your electricity and gas service account details with just the touch of a button. First, as a renter or buyer, you will be added to the Property Button platform. We will then send you a welcome email. After clicking on the link, you will be taken to your private Property Button platform, which will list all the energy service options that are available in the area to which you are moving. We propose a variety of service options related to your budget and needs. You can then choose your electricity/gas provider – whether it is Electric Ireland, Energia, SSE Airtricity, etc. After your selection is made, we correspond with your service provider and switch your electricity/gas service as per your preferences.

Why Use Property Button When Switching Utilities?

Dealing with energy services can be time-consuming. You may have to deal with lengthy wait times to change your service. Property Button takes this task out of your hands, performing the switch quickly and easily and with minimal effort on your part. And the service is free of charge.

Even if you are not moving house but are looking to save on your electricity and gas bills, you can use Property Button to search for a better deal. We will suggest alternative options and do the switch for you.

Who Can Use Property Button?

Property Button is for any tenant or owner who wants to set up new utility arrangements without any fuss. Making the process even easier, you do not need to know your GPRN or MPRN details to do the setup. Property Button will locate these for you. Residential property managers will also find the service useful.

Property Button has worked with 500 of Ireland’s leading property professionals and managed over 150,000 successful moves. We provide a free service, and are fully compliant and secure. We pick plans that suit you and save you from having to sit through several long calls with your service providers. Moving energy providers in Ireland has never been easier. Start the process with Property Button today.

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We search thousands of plans from all the utilities available at your new home to find the best for your needs and budget

Property Button Utility Switching

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To date, we have worked with over 500 of Ireland’s leading property professionals and managed more than 150,000 successful moves, ensuring that people have the best electricity, gas, phone, broadband and waste services for their needs.

Property Button Utility Switching
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